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Despite Being a Romance Writer...

...I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I know, I know. You're sad. Maybe even disappointed. Sorry, not sorry. I make no apologies. It just is what it is. I've never been a fan.

I've been married for over 22 years. And still not a fan. I blame those single years in my teens and the college years. I remember "hanging" Cupid in the hallway of my dorm.

So, here's my theory. Life is short, and at best, unpredictable. If you love someone, tell them. Everyday. Not just because the calendar, and the folks at Hallmark, tell you to do so. Flowers because you thought of me, or because it's Tuesday, are SO much better. Not to mention cheaper.

I don't want a heart shaped box filled with chocolates. Most women I know don't really want these. Give me an ITunes or Amazon gift card. If you really love me, give me peace and quiet so I can read a book.

Both of my kids have soccer practice this Valentine's Day. YAY! I'd much rather go out to dinner another night. Out for breakfast would be even better.

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