First Day of School Should Be a National Holiday

Today is back to school day!! Woo Hoo!!! First, let me assure you that I love my children. I'll love them even more later today. Working night shift means sleeping during the day, when they are in my house. All day long. And despite warning, they like to come in to my bedroom to ask me things like, "Can I have some ice cream?" Really? When I'm in between nights shifts? Unless the house is on fire or one of your limbs is hanging by a thread, I'm not interested. Especially since their father works from home... This year, both of my kids are in high school. Yes, TWO high schoolers. There may be some alcohol in my near future. How this happened, without my aging, is beyond me. It seems like yest

The Final Goodbye

I buried my Mom yesterday, after a long, exhausting battle with Alzeimer's. I knew, from the moment she was diagnosed, how this would end. So why is it such a surprise? Why does it hurt to breathe? The thing about losing someone to this horrifying disease is that the loss has been happening every day of those eight years. Little by little, all I could do was watch as she disappeared in front of me. First, it was little things. She'd get confused. Forget things. My first clue was when she couldn't balance her check book. My Mom could do math in her head I can barely manage with a calculator. As time went on, she slowed down, had trouble walking, lost her independence. Three years ago, we mov

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