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Cozy Mysteries-Addie Foster Series


Welcome to Ocean Grove, NC. Addie Foster, owner of Smiling Dog Books, loves her small-town life. Until someone, or rather several someones, tries to end it. What secrets is she hiding? Add one gay BFF and one dark, brooding detective into the mix and watch everything unfold. Will Addie figure out why someone wants her dead before it’s too late? Or will this be her final chapter?


Thanksgiving is a busy time of year for Smiling Dog Books. Thoughts of Black Friday shoppers, turkey, and The Aunties’ dueling dressing recipes should be all that’s on Addie Foster’s mind. But when an old man dies of seemingly natural causes at a local senior center, a friend of the victim challenges Addie Foster to prove it’s really murder. She wonders if the death is somehow related to the latest in a series of terrifying nightmares she’s had.  Will Addie, along with her BFF Grey, The Aunties, and her boyfriend Detective Wolfe be able to solve the crime before another resident dies? Or will Addie’s visions lead her to trouble again?


Addie Foster’s life is looking pretty good. She owns a successful bookstore. She’s dating a cute doctor. All she needs is a trim but lands knee-deep in a murder investigation. When she gets too close, trouble finds her. Will she and her BFF Grey figure out the mystery in time? Or will this be her final cut?


Spring has returned to Ocean Grove, NC, bringing warmer days and more customers to Smiling Dog Books. Life for Addie seemed so normal, no disturbing dreams, no threatening notes from her stalker.  And she couldn’t be happier. All she had to do was survive a French cooking class. How hard could it be? Little did she know the chef would end up dead! Was it the Chocolate Mousse?

As if solving the chef’s murder wasn’t enough, Addie’s prophetic dreams have returned, scarier than ever and hitting too close to home. Her stalker is now back and more determined than ever to get to her. And who is the new mystery man in her life? Friend? Foe? Something else altogether? Can Addie, Jonah, and her BFF Grey solve the murder and identify her stalker before it’s too late?


Addie Foster loves nothing more than traipsing through old houses on the weekends, looking for that rare first edition or that special book for a customer. When a mysterious man harasses her in the parking lot, will it lead to more trouble for her? Is there really a buried treasure near-by? Is someone willing to kill for it? Will she discover the truth in time?


‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the town, the people were smiling, except Addie Foster, who frowned.

The Girls were sleeping, all comfy in their beds, while visions of Gertie’s homemade treats danced in their heads.

When into Addie’s sleep another vision did come and had nothing to do with sugared plums. She twisted and moaned trying to escape her fate, when next to Jonah she did awake.

A sinister man with a cane made of wood invaded her dreams; he was up to no good! What he wanted from her Addie didn’t understand. But she knew right away she must find this man!

So she thought and she plotted with Grey at her side. She had no clues nor time to bide.

Would Addie solve the mystery before Christmas was lost? Or would all of her dreams of a life with Jonah be tossed?


Something old, something new, something borrowed… Something evil? What should be the happiest day of Addie Foster’s life draws near. But so does her stalker. As the danger looms ever closer, her prophetic nightmares grow more frightening. Who has Addie in their sights? Will she figure it out in time? Will she get to marry Jonah in the wedding of her dreams? Will Grey catch the bouquet?

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