Someday, this will be easier...

My second book, Taking Chances, is being released on June 20th. I hope. Self publishing is complicated. And not for the faint of heart. I feel like this second round went a bit smoother than the first. Although the first almost killed me, so that's not saying much. I have competed all thirty seven thousand rounds of edits and turned it in to the formatters today. Just as I was about to pat my self on the back and do something not writing related, I realized that June 20th is only 12 days away. With a two week-ends thrown in just for kicks. My formatter probably doesn't work on weekends... So, I'm hoping that my release date is correct. Someday, this will be easier. I will be more organized a

I haven't slept in 14 years.

In a perfect world, writing would be my only job. But then I have only released one book and am not a millionaire yet. So I have a full-time job other than writing. I am a psychiatric nurse in an ER. I work nights. I also have a husband and 2 kids who expect me to pay attention to them. Therefore, I haven't slept in 14 years. That's how long I have had kids and worked nights. Do you see where I'm going with this? I work three 12-hour shifts per week. Some people stop there. Ooh, you have four days off every week? Sort of. I sleep before and after shifts (also in a perfect world). Often, life gets in the way. There are soccer games and other things that keep me from my sleep. And unless you'v

If I Only Had an Office

I’m a new writer of Contemporary Romances. I’m not famous. Unless you’re my Mom or a good friend, you won’t have heard my name. Yet. So, I don’t have a fancy, shmancy office. Or even a room with a door. I have a dining room table. We’re not very formal, so my dining room table is used for other things. Like writing. And throwing anything you don’t know where else to put. It’s the first room inside the front door, so my kids (and husband) tend to toss things on it as they come home. Things like: mail, keys, books, schoolbags, etc. There’s also an odd collection of cords. I have no idea to or for what though. Apparently, neither does anyone else, as the cords remain on the table. I have claime

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