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'twas the Mystery Before Christmas

Addie Foster Cozy Mysteries, Book 6!





‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the town, the people were smiling, except Addie Foster, who frowned.

The Girls were sleeping, all comfy in their beds, while visions of Gertie’s homemade treats danced in their heads.

When into Addie’s sleep another vision did come and had nothing to do with sugared plums. She twisted and moaned trying to escape her fate, when next to Jonah she did awake.

A sinister man with a cane made of wood invaded her dreams; he was up to no good! What he wanted from her Addie didn’t understand. But she knew right away she must find this man!

So she thought and she plotted with Grey at her side. She had no clues nor time to bide.

Would Addie solve the mystery before Christmas was lost? Or would all of her dreams of a life with Jonah be tossed?

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