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Author of Contemporary Romance & Cozy Mysteries      

Available now:
Dancing with You
A Palm Harbor Romance
Book 4




Riley and Luca have known each since, well, forever. Growing up together in the quaint beach town of Palm Harbor, SC, she was the quiet, bookish introvert with the big brain. He was the outgoing, flirtatious athlete. Yet, they were best friends. Or maybe something more? But they never quite went there…


Now, thirteen years later, Riley is back, a brand-new ER doc, eager to finally start her life. And Luca is ready for her. But to be what? Friends again? More? But can she ever forgive him for breaking her heart five years ago?


Riley just wants to come home. To be back with family and friends. And Luca. She’s ready to make him see what he missed out on all those years ago. But is she ready to let go of the past? Can she trust her heart to him again? Can Luca convince her their timing is finally right?

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