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How is it April already? Am I the only one who thinks time moves faster as you get older? A few days ago, we celebrated the 16th birthday of my oldest child. 16! I remember the day I met her as though it were yesterday. And now she drives and is thinking about college. And yet, I haven't grown any older...

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it whips by at the speed of light. Other times, it seems to drag or maybe even suspend itself. I often make the crucial mistake of wishing time away, living for the future. I counted down every day of nursing school, impatient for the end of studying. I have an app on my phone that counts the days until our next vacation. 67 days, 19 hours until Disney if you were wondering. I have to remind myself not to do that.

You may know that my mother has advanced Alzheimer's. Her time is limited. Although I don't think time has any meaning to her anymore. What I wouldn't give for one more day with her; one more day in which she remembered me. Just 24 hours. 1, 440 minutes. 86, 400 seconds. I would spend every single one of those talking to her, holding her hand, remembering the past. Just being with her.

I watched my beautiful, young daughter party with her friends Friday night. So sure of themselves. So confident. How is she 16? I can barely remember her first steps. They seem like a lifetime ago. What I wouldn't give to go back and replay those days, just for a little while. Watch her kick her first soccer ball. Take that thrilling first ride on her bike without training wheels. If only...

Time is a funny thing. But in the end, it's all we have. Don't waste it.

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