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Thoughts for the end of 2017

Where to start? Merry Christmas! If you celebrate something else, then Happy Holidays!

2017 is my first year as a published author. PUBLISHED AUTHOR! I get chills every time I say that. I set out to do this, and I did. Yay for me. If you're reading this and thinking you'd like to be one too, then I have some advice. Do it! I may not be the next Nora Roberts, but people other than friends and family have read my books. That's a great start.

I've learned so much and met so many amazing people this year. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this odyssey. I know just a little more as I write this. I'm so very thankful for all of the people along the way who have helped and encouraged me. You know who you are.

This year has had its share of horrible events. The world is a scary place. There's no way around that fact. I worry about what my children are inheriting. But there will always be more good people than bad. That may be simplistic or even naïve, but I have to believe it. We all have to believe it. How else would we get out of bed every morning?

Here are some things I would like for 2018:

For people to understand that different is okay. How boring would it be if we were all the same?

For my children to learn one new thing everyday. Even if it's only one, tiny thing.

Just one more day with my Mom. One day in which she knew who I was and we could have a meaningful conversation. And a cure for Alzheimer's so that this was possible.

For no child to go hungry or without a roof over their head.

This list could go on forever. Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!!

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