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There are people who don't like to read!

IKR? I was as shocked as you are when I found this out. Sadly, my husband is one of them. He only reads technical stuff relating to his job. And yet, we have been married for almost 22 years. I have no idea how. Don't ask me.

If only this was true. reading may not burn calories, but it does exercise your brain. And makes you a better person. That's just my opinion...

Then there are those who would question your need for another trip to the book store. Really? I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink very much (notice the qualifier in there). Is it really someone's business if I'm going tot he book store again? Maybe you should think of it as I'm supporting local business.

My problem is never too many books but not enough time to read. Besides working full time, editing and promoting my books, I'm also a soccer Mom and wife. Sorry, honey, but you did come last... The trick to getting to read at all is to ALWAYS have a book with you. And I do. In my purse (along with my Kindle), in my car, in my work bag, etc. Because being stuck somewhere with free time and no book is my own personal view of Hell.

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