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Off to Raleigh! I'd better pack soon...

I have my first big signing this weekend at For the Love of Books and Raleigh. Yay me!! Raleigh is only 2 hours from my home. Thankfully. I feel like I just got home from RWA17 at Disney. OK, I got home Sunday. In my defense, it was evening by the time I walked in my house. I'm usually good at unpacking right away. But RWA kicked my butt. I went to sleep. I worked Monday night, which means I had to nap in the afternoon. Again, I put off unpacking.

I was off Tuesday. Keep in mind, I got home from my shift at 0800. Slept for 20 minutes (literally) before taking Thing 1 to soccer training. Drove home. Slept for 80 minutes before taking Thing 2 to a 2 hour tutoring session. Crashed that night. Needless to say there wasn't any unpacking. Unless you count the clothes I had removed from the suitcase to wear in the past few days.

I woke up Wednesday morning and knew I couldn't put it off any longer. So I unpacked, leaving the clothes going to Raleigh with me in a pile on the floor. Switched out the suitcase for a smaller one. Put the pile of clothes in that one. Then I went down to my office, i.e. the dining room, and started to pack the things one needs for a signing. That's another suitcase. Plus the boxes of books. It's a good think I'm driving. I managed to write a thousand words before napping. Off to work again.

I am working Wednesday and Thursday overnight before leaving Friday morning for Raleigh. Right now, the only things in my suitcase are toiletries left from Orlando and moderately wrinkled clothes (shorts, underwear, two t-shirts and PJs). Obviously, I'll need to finish packing at some point. If you come to Raleigh, and I hope you do, I'll be the very tired one in wrinkled clothing.

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